Friday, May 30, 2008

random walk

today, me and cortney went to go check the mail and when we were passing the crandalls drive way, we say a little remote control car speed out of the garage. we looked in there to see where it came from and there was brother crandall with the remote. he looked like he was having the time of his life, standing there by himself, making it go around the cul-de-sac a million times and through the grass. it probably didnt make him feel much better that there were 2 girls standing there about peeing their pants laughing at him. just to add to the randomness, while we were on our walk, a very, very elderly woman rode by on her bike. she was going pretty fast for a woman in her years! me and cortney started cracking up again. i definitley have to give her props for getting excercise! i hope im like that when i grow up! well that was definitly a very pointless post, but i just had to share what weird things are happening this summer, while im here by myself while all my friends are at efy and on a cruise. oh my i just cant wait until they come home!


Brooke said...

Hey Kimberlee. It is Brooke your EFY conselor! I hope all is well. Just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing!