Sunday, April 5, 2009


(This is Bronte and my nephew, Carson. She wasn't used to babies and got scared when he cried, but she did great for being so new to him!!)

Seeing as how I haven't blogged in a very long time, I thought I should start up again. At the beginning of January, we got an exchange student from Australia. She was so fun and fit into our family perfectly. We took her to the snow, a SUNS game, one of my soccer games, a high school basketball game, horse back riding, quad riding, and many many more adventurous things she wouldn't have done in Australia. I just adored her and loved showing her to all my friends as "my australian". My dad didn't like that I addressed her like that, but she told me she didn't mind a bit. I loved that she was so outgoing because there were many instances where I told her I was leaving and she would just say, "okay well I'm going to stay here so I'll see you when you come back!" It was great! She also came to my school and i loved showing her around a school like "the ones you see in movies" as she put it. She always wanted to see this and that just because she had seen it in movies. One of the things she was so interested in was a PB&J. Wierd, I know... Once she saw me pull it out of my lunch bag she was like, "oh my! I have never seen one of these in real life!" I gave her the "you're crazy" face and we both just laughed. Australians, I tell you. Anyways, I enjoyed having her stay with me for those short two weeks and a half, and she better come back! Actually, I want to go over there! Besides, if I don't, all my practicing with the accent will go to waste!!


Rachel Lyn said...

what the update your blog?! ah how exciting! blugging buddies! hahha i miss bronte! hahha yes you are so good at the accent!