Sunday, April 5, 2009


(This is Bronte and my nephew, Carson. She wasn't used to babies and got scared when he cried, but she did great for being so new to him!!)

Seeing as how I haven't blogged in a very long time, I thought I should start up again. At the beginning of January, we got an exchange student from Australia. She was so fun and fit into our family perfectly. We took her to the snow, a SUNS game, one of my soccer games, a high school basketball game, horse back riding, quad riding, and many many more adventurous things she wouldn't have done in Australia. I just adored her and loved showing her to all my friends as "my australian". My dad didn't like that I addressed her like that, but she told me she didn't mind a bit. I loved that she was so outgoing because there were many instances where I told her I was leaving and she would just say, "okay well I'm going to stay here so I'll see you when you come back!" It was great! She also came to my school and i loved showing her around a school like "the ones you see in movies" as she put it. She always wanted to see this and that just because she had seen it in movies. One of the things she was so interested in was a PB&J. Wierd, I know... Once she saw me pull it out of my lunch bag she was like, "oh my! I have never seen one of these in real life!" I gave her the "you're crazy" face and we both just laughed. Australians, I tell you. Anyways, I enjoyed having her stay with me for those short two weeks and a half, and she better come back! Actually, I want to go over there! Besides, if I don't, all my practicing with the accent will go to waste!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

random walk

today, me and cortney went to go check the mail and when we were passing the crandalls drive way, we say a little remote control car speed out of the garage. we looked in there to see where it came from and there was brother crandall with the remote. he looked like he was having the time of his life, standing there by himself, making it go around the cul-de-sac a million times and through the grass. it probably didnt make him feel much better that there were 2 girls standing there about peeing their pants laughing at him. just to add to the randomness, while we were on our walk, a very, very elderly woman rode by on her bike. she was going pretty fast for a woman in her years! me and cortney started cracking up again. i definitley have to give her props for getting excercise! i hope im like that when i grow up! well that was definitly a very pointless post, but i just had to share what weird things are happening this summer, while im here by myself while all my friends are at efy and on a cruise. oh my i just cant wait until they come home!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

no longer a freshman

These are just a couple of my close friends. Ashlie, Whitney, Emily and Rachy Poo. They are amazing and we are going to stay best friends even when we take the leap from Stapley to Mountain View. I love them so much!

School got out a week ago. I have to say it was the worst day of my life! Just realizing that I was never going to be walking through the halls of Stapley Junior High as a student just made me realize that I never want to grow up! I was taking pictures all day, smiling and having a great time, and it didn't hit me that it was the last day of school until 4th hour. I started BAWLING. I didn't stop taking pictures because I wanted to remember that day, even though i had mascara running down my face, and red puffy eyes. During seminary, i kept playing God Be With You 'Till We Meet Again over and over again. Then, during 6th hour, Me, Rachel and Makaelee had a blast being crazy in the gym. Don't tell anyone, but we wrote our names underneath the bleachers. I know you're thinking it, we're such dare devils! Right when the bell rang to go home, tears started rolling down my face like never before and Rachel was the only one that was sobbing with me. Good thing I have amazing friends who were there to hug me and make me feel a little better. I am now officially a Sophmore at Mountain View High School. I am so excited to be with all my friends, but I just sure hope that no one will change too much! I'm going to put up pictures when I get the camera going.

Monday, May 5, 2008


This is a picture of my sister, Melissa, and brother in law, Garrett. About a month ago on March 31, they came over for family night and surprised us with some amazing news. MELISSA IS PREGNANT! oh my goodness, i am so excited! Once Melissa said the words, "IM PREGNANT!", me and Cortney looked at eachother, screamed, hugged, then started bawling. We are just so dang excited! This will be my very first neice/nephew and i am STOKED! I really hope it is a girl because i can get her all cute, but then if it's a boy, i can make him a little gangster. Oh boy, I can't believe I'm going to be an aunt! Melissa's due date is Thanksgiving Day, just like one of our family friends in our ward, Jenny Lloyd, and Savannah's mom! This year has been crazy and this little baby is just another thing to look forward to!

[We find out what the baby is in 10 weeks. That's a long time to wait!]

Saturday, August 4, 2007


[Brooke Bergeson-our counselor, Mindy Marsh, Me, Danny, Rylee Rogers, Chris Chambers

These are the friends that I was with the whole time at efy. The girls were in my company, but the boys were all in a different company. I met them because Chris, the one in the BYU Idaho shirt, was playing hackysack with a couple other kids and I was bored, so I went up to him and asked if I could play and they let me, so I just talked to Chris for a while and then we became friends throughout the whole week at efy. It was so fun!

This was my whole group. I loved them so much! The boys cracked me up and it was so fun to be escorted by them and have them tell the funniest stories!

These are the girls on my floor. They were all from Arizona and we all live so close to eachother it's crazy! I love them so much and i loved that I could be crazy around them and they wouldnt even care!
I loved efy so much and I want to go back SO BAD!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This is my sister Cortney and me at the ice-skating place.
I love her so much!
My family and the Crandalls went ice-skating on Friday night. It was way fun! There was like no one there and we were having so much fun with our little snow ball fight! I love the Crandalls so much! We had a blast and I want to go again so bad!
the picture- from left to right.
[Cortney, Jordan, Abby Crandall, Caitie Crandall, && Olivia Crandall]

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Trip Home

When we were on our way to the airport after efy, my sister whipped out her camera and said, "LET'S TAKE PICTURES!" I wasn't really feeling up to that because i was sad about going home from efy. I'm glad we took pictures though because now i remember how i felt when i left. I miss efy so much! I had such a blast and I met the most incredible people ever! I'm so glad i went at the time I did because if i went earlier, i wouldnt have had my counselor, Brooke, and she's the most amzing person ever! She's such a great example and i lover her to death! I can't get my camera to work though, so once i have that going, im gonna do an efy post. There's wayy more to come about efy, with better pictures and stuff, so i can't wait to get the camera going!