Thursday, May 29, 2008

no longer a freshman

These are just a couple of my close friends. Ashlie, Whitney, Emily and Rachy Poo. They are amazing and we are going to stay best friends even when we take the leap from Stapley to Mountain View. I love them so much!

School got out a week ago. I have to say it was the worst day of my life! Just realizing that I was never going to be walking through the halls of Stapley Junior High as a student just made me realize that I never want to grow up! I was taking pictures all day, smiling and having a great time, and it didn't hit me that it was the last day of school until 4th hour. I started BAWLING. I didn't stop taking pictures because I wanted to remember that day, even though i had mascara running down my face, and red puffy eyes. During seminary, i kept playing God Be With You 'Till We Meet Again over and over again. Then, during 6th hour, Me, Rachel and Makaelee had a blast being crazy in the gym. Don't tell anyone, but we wrote our names underneath the bleachers. I know you're thinking it, we're such dare devils! Right when the bell rang to go home, tears started rolling down my face like never before and Rachel was the only one that was sobbing with me. Good thing I have amazing friends who were there to hug me and make me feel a little better. I am now officially a Sophmore at Mountain View High School. I am so excited to be with all my friends, but I just sure hope that no one will change too much! I'm going to put up pictures when I get the camera going.