Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Preston Riggs left his longboard at my house, so my sister and I decided to figure out how to ride it. We were going crazy and rode on our stomachs and all that fun stuff. We crashed A LOT, but it was WAYYY worth it! My sister takes pictures of everything and anything, so we got out the camera and took some crazy pictures of us on the longboard. It was so much fun! My brother goes longboarding all the time and he told me this once. J.C.-my brother- and his friend were in Fountain Hills longboarding down a huge hill. He told me that the fastest speed record on a skateboard was made there. The time was 42 mph. Imagine going that fast on a skateboard! My brother is SO CRAZY and wanted to see how fast he could go on a longboard. Longboards are very, very shaky and not sturdy. J.C. asked his friend to drive right behind him to see how fast he was going. He started down the hill and said he was scared for his life! J.C. said that he wanted to jump off, but if he would've done that, he would've broken TONS of bones. So he stayed on and was trying not to freak out. When he got off, his friend told him that he was going 39 mph! If he would've gone just a tiny bit faster, he could've made the world record! That's crazy! Right after he just could've gotten so hurt on that longboard, he went to jump off some cliffs. I swear, my brother is gonna end up breaking all the bones in his body!