Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Dune Accident

This is me-on the left. yes, i have my huge ugly cast on- my sister, Cortney, and my brother, Jordan about to leave for the dunes. When my family went to the dunes for spring break, i took two of my cousins, their friends and my little brother on a Ranger ride. I didn't even know the friends, so i just rode off with a packed Ranger full of kids younger than me. The Ranger didn't have seat-belts in the back, so i just told Jordan, Carlee and Sidney to hold on. I've ridden in the back before and it's pretty bumpy, but i knew that if you hold on, you'd be fine. We rode around the dunes a little and we were getting pretty far out there, so i started to go back to camp. In order to get back, you have to go over some pretty big bumps, so i told the kids in the back to hold on really tightly. Sidney didn't listen and kept putting her hands up. On one of the bumps, she flew up and hit her head on the roll cage. When she came back down, she was screaming,so i told my younger brother to see if it was bleeding. He lifted her hand off her head and saw it was bleeding really bad, so he jumped out of the Ranger and started running. I had no clue he was that scared of blood! When i turned around to see how bad Sidney's cut was, i just turned back around and stepped on the gas as hard as I could! There was a gash about two inches long and it went so deep, you could see her skull. that was the scariest thing i've ever seen in my life! I got Jordan back in the Ranger, finally, and we started driving back. Jordan's so nice, he held his hand over her cut so she could hold on. Everyone in the Ranger was screaming, and i just sat there and tried not to cry. When we got back, my mom nursed her back to health and calmed her down until her dad got back from his ride. When her dad got back, he took her to the hospital and she had to get 9 stiches. My family left right after they did, because Jordan felt so bad.
We went camping right after school got out and he wouldn't ride in the Ranger, let alone drive, because he didn't want anything to happen,so it took him a while to get back in to the swing of things. He still wonders how i get back into that same Ranger and drive like nothing happened, but now we have seatbelts, so i feel so much safer!